General FAQ


For questions about registration, please see the Registration FAQ Page.

Will lunch be provided?

  • Yes, lunch for Girl Scouts is included in the registration fee for Girl Scouts who attend. Lunch will be pizza, so if your child has allergies, please contact us at We are also selling adult/parent lunches for $10 each and can be purchased through the website. There will also be a concessions stand run by members of Alpha Phi Omega.

Will the GSU patch be provided?

  • Patches will be included in the registration fee for Girl Scouts who are registered for at least one class, or ambassadors who volunteer.  Other girls, troop leaders, and parents may purchase the patches at the merchandise stand.

Does my Girl Scout have to attend the whole event?

  • No, you are able to pick and choose which sessions to attend. For example, if you wanted to only attend the events in the morning, you would only register for sessions 1 and 2.

As a parent, what should I do during my child’s class time?

  • Daisy parents must stay with their child(ren) during the sessions. Brownie – Ambassador parents can either stay with their child during the session, hang out in the parent rooms, or attend parent classes if they are offered.

Will I get the badges I earn on the day of the event?

  • Yes, your Girl Scout will receive the badge at the end of each session (with the exception of some ambassador sessions), Journeys will not be completed at the event.

Should my Girl Scout wear her uniform?

  • Uniforms are not required, but girls are welcome to wear them if they would like to!

What should I bring to a Journey class?

  • Girl Scouts participating in our Journey classes should bring the Journey book with them to the class. They will not be provided by GSU.

Will I complete my entire Journey during the Journey Session?

  • No, the Journey classes are designed to complete every part of the Journey except for the “Take Action!” section; however, we will help the girls plan this section. All that will be left is for the girls to display their leadership skills by going out into their own communities and making a difference!

What should I bring to a Badge class?

  • Nothing! A notepad, something to write with, and for the older girls a smart device might be a good idea so Girl Scouts can draw, take their own notes, and search the web for things. Otherwise, just bring yourself and a good attitude!

How big are class sizes?

  • For badges, we hope to have 4 –  25 girls in each class, with fewer girls in the Daisy classes. For Journeys, there will be more if enough girls register for them.

Can I drop my child off?

  • We encourage parents and troop leaders to stay on campus for GSU, and Daisy/Brownie parents or troop leaders must stay with their girls. We are providing classes for parents to sit in on about UT, college prep, Girl Scout Awards, and more. Parents are also allowed to observe the classes their children are taking. While we would like parents to stay, dropping off your child is an option for older girls.

Any other questions can be emailed to Alpha Phi Omega’s GSU committee at